About Collins Auto Care

Collins Auto Care is your go-to car repair shop, covering just about everything under the hood with quick and friendly service.
Family-owned and operated, we are dedicated to our community, providing you with personalized repair and upkeep on your vehicle that you can be sure will be done right the first time. With four bays, we make a point to fit you into a slot quickly so that you can be in and out in a timely manner. From oil changes and brake checks to transmission repair and emission checks, Collins Auto Care covers just about everything under the hood and is there to help when you need it.
Got a check engine light on? Stop by Collins Auto Care and we'll check out the source of the problem, and let you know what we can do. All of our mechanics are ASE certified with decades of combined experience. Our work is honest, upfront, and personable — Exactly what you need when your vehicle needs to be repaired. Whatever the questions you may have about your vehicle's care, we are committed to giving you an honest answer and will provide a plan for what suits your schedule best. Make the right choice and visit Collins Auto Care today!
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